Shepherd’s Voice Publications Inc. (SVP) began its work of bringing God’s Word creatively through print media in 1990. Its first publication was Kerygma Magazine, whose name was taken from the Greek word which means “proclamation of the Gospel.” Dubbed as “the publishing miracle of Asia” by Bishop Teodoro Bacani, Kerygma has been renamed Feast Magazine since 2020. Through the years, this inspirational magazine has proved its relevance and timeliness, receiving accolades from established award-giving bodies, and blessing many readers with its practical articles and inspiring stories.

Didache and Companion, SVP’s daily devotionals, were first published in 1993 and 1994 respectively. These two publications, containing the daily Bible readings and guided reflections, were the continuing response to the company’s commitment of bringing God’s Word to as many people as possible.

After a few years, Gabay, the Filipino translation of Didache, was released. It aims to bring the Gospel to more people with reflections translated into simple Filipino language. By the year 2000, two years after Gabay was first published, Sabbath was introduced, containing reflections on the Mass readings written by priests.

SVP birthed two more magazines in the following years. To bring Jesus closer to the younger generation, Fish, an inspirational magazine for teenagers, became a favorite partner of sectarian educational institutions for their religion classes. The kids magazine, Mustard, was released a few years after Fish and it has become another favorite SVP work by school subscribers. Both magazines also received numerous accolades from the Catholic Mass Media Awards.

SVP is also into book publishing. It has become the home of more than 50 Bo Sanchez books, and titles by other renowned authors, writing on topics ranging from love and spirituality, singlehood and married life, to financial planning and education. Year after year, SVP books have won awards and citations from the Cardinal Sin Catholic Book Awards, recognizing the quality and relevance of its products.

Riding with the changing times, SVP now goes by the label Feast Books. Feast Books leads the way in bringing its publications—through both online and traditional print media—to churches and parishes, educational institutions, and communities.

Directors / Officers

Herminio Morelos

Chairman of the Board

Carl E. Fontanilla


Rowena Cequena

Chief Finance Officer

Rodolfo F. Borromeo Jr,


Arun Gogna


Victor M. Español


Alvin P. Barcelona



Evangelize people for Jesus Christ by utilizing our talents and resources in print media and web development. Provide support to our partner organizations for their evangelization and discipleship efforts.


The first choice in Catholic Print Media Evangelization.