Heal Others with Your Wounds by Bo Sanchez


Heal Others with Your Wounds
by Bo Sanchez

Have you ever experienced God’s comfort?

I have. A lot of times.

When I was in my 20s, I fell in love with a girl who didn’t love me back. I courted her, gave her chocolates, flowers, and even composed a song for her. But she rejected me. (One of the greatest mysteries of the universe: Bakit hindi ako crush ng crush ko?) Rejection is always painful.

Yes, she friendzoned me. (For people my age who don’t understand what that word means, she told me, “Can we just be friends?”)

That night, I cried myself to sleep. And the next day, while picking up the broken pieces of my heart, I felt God comfort me. I remember Him telling me, “I know your future. I know what is best for you. Trust Me.”

That happened when I was 25 years old. Today, 25 years later, I thank God she rejected me. Or I wouldn’t have married Marowe, the girl of my dreams. I can’t imagine my life without this amazing woman. And I can’t imagine my life without the two boys she gave me.

So today, when I meet brokenhearted people, I’m able to pass on the comfort that I received from God. I can now tell them, “God knows your future. If someone rejects you, it simply means that person isn’t God’s best for you. Your best is yet to come.”

Let me share another story that’s close to my heart.

My wife suffered three miscarriages. Each miscarriage devastated her. After her third miscarriage, a friend asked her, “You must be used to it already?”

My wife almost screamed at her, “How dare you say that! Every miscarriage is very painful!”

After each miscarriage, she was depressed for six months. She woke up with this heavy cloud over her. Everything she ate was tasteless. Life was joyless.

Yet today, because of what she went through, she is able to comfort and pray for other women who suffer loss — even without using words. Because she received God’s comfort, she’s now able to comfort others who go through that same pain.

Author and pastor Rick Warren said, “God will never waste your wounds. He will use them to heal others who are going through the same wounding. By your wounds, He will heal many.”

Your highest calling is to be a pipeline of God’s comfort. When God comforts you, He does so because He wants you to pass on that same comfort to others.

I urge you: receive all the blessings that God wants to give you. Don’t limit God’s abundance. Because that abundance is not for you. That abundance is for others!

Go and heal the wounded with your own wounds.


May your dreams come true,

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